Our Research

The Institute supports research on a broad range of issues, from school choice and educational attainment to sustainability and climate gentrification to the state’s pension and financing. The Institute’s work has been reported on in almost every major daily paper in Florida.

Executive leadership and research fellows at the Institute have also been asked to testify in front of legislative committees, speak to interested groups and continue to be quoted in related articles and editorials on the topics studied by the Institute.

MAY 2024. Florida Election Study 2022

APRIL 2024. 2022 New Mexico Election Administration, Voter Security, and Election Reform Report

TECHNICAL REPORT: 100% Retabulation Audits: 2022 Primary and General Election Audit Data and Ballot Images from Leon County, FL

MARCH 2023. Special District Report

DECEMBER 2022. Can 8 Wait? A review of use of force policies in Florida and perspectives on their effectiveness

DECEMBER 2022. Can 8 Wait? A review of use of force policies in Florida and perspectives on their effectiveness. Executive Summary

AUGUST 2022. Florida 2020 Election Report

AUGUST 2022. Improving Police Community Relations – The Role of Civilian Oversight Agencies (COA) in Florida

JULY 2022. Adequacy and Equity in Capital Funding for Florida’s Public Schools

MARCH 2022. Parents, Peers, and Political Participation: Social Influence Among Roommates

JANUARY 2022. Addressing Climate Driven Displacement

JULY 2021. Cooperation and Conflict in Florida’s Response to COVID-19

FEBRUARY 2021. Better Choices: Evidence-Based Policymaking Can Improve Florida’s Outcomes

FEBRUARY 2020 Florida Charter Schools: Not as Good, or as Bad, as Advertised

MAY 2019. Good News & Bad News: An Update of Florida Pension Plan’s Grades

JANUARY 2018. Debt Obligations in Florida Cities and Counties

OCTOBER 2017. Patterns of Resegregation in Florida’s Schools

SEPTEMBER 2017. Desegregation in Florida Schools: Separate is Not Equal Conference. Sept. 27.

SEPTEMBER 2016. Meeting the Needs of Florida: The Florida College System Past and Future

APRIL 2016. The Financial Challenges of Retiree Healthcare Subsidies in Florida Cities and Counties

AUGUST 2015. Money in Politics Reforms in Florida: Initial Impacts and Comparison to Other States

FEBRUARY 2015. Beyond Pensions: Florida Local Governments and Retiree Health Benefits

SEPTEMBER 2014. Report Card Update: Florida Municipal Pension Plans

JULY 2014. Hidden in Plain Sight: Florida Special Districts—Executive summary

JULY 2014. Community Development Districts: Financial and Accountability issues

JULY 2014. Piecing Together the Governing Puzzle: An Exploration of Florida’s Special Districts 

SEPTEMBER 2012. Years In The Making Report